Thinking of going online? Why Accountants should have websites

The Tax Software Revolution

The most common service that accountants provide to the public at large is tax preparation. That tradition has had a large hole blown in it by the arrival of software  packages that allow individuals to prepare their own tax returns with an on-screen guide walking them through the process.

Many have opted for this method, and for many of them it’s a good choice. Large numbers of them did not use accounting services in the first place, as they had simple tax  returns.

However there is also a large class of people who are utilising the yearly software option when perhaps they would do better with professional service.A good accountant  can find tax breaks or prepare itemised lists that help your tax situation where you may not see the opportunity or may not be willing to dedicate the time to itemising.

Why Professionals are Better than Software

The individuals that are caught between the “simple return” pool and the group of people who have to use professional help every year because of complicated personal  financial situations are the group that accountants need to recapture.

The best way to convince someone that paying for professional services will save them money in the long run is to spell it out for them, and the best tool for that is the   internet.

Many accounting firms working on their own are in a position to provide at least some financial advice that extends beyond annual tax returns.

An internet site is a compelling tool for explaining the goals and advantages of long term financial planning. It’s a method of explaining the multiple advantages of working  with an accounting professional rather than a 40 Euro software package.

Full Service Business Explained on a Full Service Website

An internet site can offer valuable advice to the increasing number of people who are working at home or on a contract basis for large employers.

A friendly – and partial – explanation on an accountant’s website will serve as an invitation to call and arrange a visit.  The usual collections of FAQs and recommendations, suggested links and biographical information can serve to introduce an accountant and develop a sense of professionalism before the customer and the service provider  have their first conversation.

An internet site is a better advertising tool and introductory method than direct mail, a Golden Pages ad, even radio or TV… better than anything but a personal  recommendation.

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