Why Content will always be King on Google

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website in a way that it ranks in a high place for your designated keyword.


The first thing which is important for an optimized website is content.

Content is always king.

You will never rank high for any keyword if you are not offering fresh and  original content. When writing always try to keep the word count above five hundred words. This might seem like an easy target, but when actually writing you’ll soon  get stuck at some point that you just can’t write any further.

When writing this text, try to put the most important keyword of your website in it a few times. This is the  word which you want to rank high for.


Do not spam your keywords all over the content. This will not work in your advantage, but in your disadvantage.

As   with everything; don’t overdo it. Google will penalize you for it which will even take you down in the search results.

Stacking keywords used to be a good strategy for  ranking high, but Google smartened up and created a mysterious algorithm which determines how high your website should rank.

Anything which will seem unnatural to it will receive a penalty. If you aren’t gifted with extreme writing talent you can even buy a few articles to offer your readers some original content.

Content might be one of the most important things when optimizing your website, there are other factors which are important as well.

Always fill in a good three to five word description in the title tag. This tag is shown in the search results. Putting important keywords in this title is a must! As mentioned before, don’t overdo it. Three to five words is more than enough to give a good description of your website.

There are two other tags which aren’t as important as they used to be, but it can’t hurt to add them. These tags are called they  keywords and description tag.

In the keyword tag you can put up to twenty (don’t overdo it!) keywords which might be important for your website.

In the description  you create a short description of the designated page of about 160 characters. This description will also show up in the search results, so it might be wise to give a fitting  description which corresponds to the title tag.

Another factor which is extremely important are styling options. Text which is displayed bigger with an h1 tag is valued  higher then plain text. Always make your content fluent by creating headers and titles with the h1, h2 and h3 tags. Even text which is displayed bold or inverted is more important then plain text.

Avoid technical stuff and stick to plain HTML if possible. The Google spider can’t read the fancy Flash and Javascript you put on your website.  Especially if you use Flash or Javascript for your menu, ditch it as soon as possible. The Google spider can’t follow the links in your menu and your pages aren’t indexed.


Use breadcrumbs when creating your website. It creates a better structure in your links, but it’s also user friendly. Visitors can see where they are and where they came from.


You need so called ‘back links’, links from other websites referring to your website. One link from a website will count as a ‘vote’ and will give your page a certain rank;  pagerank. Pagerank is nothing more than a rank from one to ten which gives some insight on how many back links you have. There are a few ways of gaining back links.

The easiest way is to create solid content which people want to link to. Once again this proves that content is king! The better your content, the more people will link to you. Another way to collect back links is commenting on other people their blogs. You will most likely have the option to leave your link. This will drive some traffic to your website, but also counts as a back link which is what you were after for in the first place.

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