Six Tips for GREAT web content

Whatever the technical mechanism, Google is doing a pretty good job of identifying websites with good content and rewarding them with high rankings. Keep in mind that no  one really does know what the 100 factors in Google’s algorithm are but here are five that are definitely taken into account include:

Updating your web content:

Frequent updating of content, at least once every few weeks, and more often, once a week or more. Webwriter offers a professional Web Content Management service which  includes updating your website content regularly.

Spelling and Grammar:

Google will not rank your site if there are spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Webwriter offers an editing service which includes polishing the following elements:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation and sentence structure
  • Vocabulary Check


Primarily brief (1-4 sentences). Few or no long blocks of text.


Both bulleted and numbered form a large part of the text.

Sentence length:

Mostly brief (10 words or fewer). Medium-length and long sentences are sprinkled throughout the text rather than clumped together.

Contextual relevance:

Text contains numerous terms related to the keyword, as well as stem variations of the keyword.

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