Making the web work for you: Is your site generating leads and customers?

Making the web work for you is making your website generate more leads and more customers and more publicity for your business than the time or money you put in.

For a successful professional one of the toughest parts of creating a successful website is the time it takes away from other crucial parts of your business. You are successful.  You know that every available hour for your business should be spent with your clients or on strategy.

Why would you want to take on a second career as a website  publisher? If you’re smart, you wouldn’t. You are successful – you don’t have time. But trusting your website to just anyone won’t work either.

Your website must:

  1.  look good
  2.  have lots of information
  3.  be popular in the search engines
  4.  convert leads
  5.  regularly add new information

Blow any one of these and your website will be next to worthless. Most web design companies can get one or two of these right. Frankly you need to hit all five, if you want to have lasting success on the web.

Webwriter clients average about 5 times return on investment on new business alone from their website.

We are not talking about referral business converted but only about new internet leads. Business they would not have obtained in any other way than the internet. If you are a successful professional in private practice, Webwriter can do the same for you.

Drop us a line and let us know about your situation. We’ll let you know if and how we can help you.