Website Content Management

Your web content needs regular attention to ensure it serves your business well. Fresh web content – news items, product information, “how-to” articles, special promotions – is one reason that visitors return to your site again and again.

Your website should include several components that will inform and also build trust with the reader:

  • FAQs: Frequently asked questions
  • Tip of the Month/Week/Day of value to the reader
  • Articles/newsletters or blog posting that offer value
    rather than a sales pitch
  • Resource listings making your site the “one stop shop” for
    all information necessary within your industry
  • Freebies/giveaways

Your website needs to be constantly updated with fresh information so that readers return over and over. If every time they return the content is the same – they may loose interest.

That’s where a website copywriter comes in handy. Webwriter will constantly create new information that can be added to your site.

And remember – each time you update your site, the search engine spiders come back around to see what you’ve done which helps with the search results!

Don’t have time to think about your web content, or staff available to do the work? Then consider a content management service like Webwriter to keep your website content up to date and perform quality control checks for you.

You’ll have a better web presence and more time to focus on running your business.